We offer year-round sea transport to all countries of the world and across Russia. Our company delivers goods to hard-to-reach and remote areas of Russia (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Kamchatka, Magadan) by sea combined with rail and road deliveries.

We provide service in all major ports of Russia (Saint Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok, etc.) and in more than 1300 ports around the world.

Advantages of the Sea Freight with VTN

  • All types of cargo, including dangerous, heavy and oversized
  • Standard 20’ and 40’ containers as well as specialized containers: High cube, Open Top, Flatrack container, refrigerated containers etc.
  • Regular and non-standard routes: Port of Saint Petersburg - Port of Los Angeles; Port of Vladivostok - Port of Sydney; Port of Saint Petersburg - Port of Belén, etc.
  • Delivery of oversized equipment, including wheeled vehicles and cars
  • Sending container and small groupage cargo
  • Sea freight services on CY-CY terms (including loading and unloading operations at ports of receipt and departure of the cargo)

Supplementary services

  • Port Forwarding
  • Road transportation of containers for loading or unloading
  • Container stuffing/unstuffing
  • Survey services
  • Accompanying documentation formalities, all types of permits
  • Marking, packaging, cargo crate, fastening
  • Storage of cargo
  • Cargo security and escort
  • Cargo insurance
  • Cargo monitoring in transit

Special offers

Novorossiysk - Hong Kong from 1750 $ / 20' container. Delivery time - from 23 days
St. Petersburg - New York from $ 3100/40' container. Delivery time - from 28 days
St. Petersburg - Brazil from 2300 $ / 40' container. Delivery time - from 29 days

Head of Maritime Port Division

Elena Petersen

Sea shipping is considered one of the most stable and reliable modes of delivery of goods. Weather conditions practically do not affect the vessel sailing (except for river traffic). There is a clearly planned departure and arrival schedule.

Deliveries are carried out all over the world by sea freight. The total number of seaports on Earth exceeds 2.2 thousand. Almost every coastal state has a cargo port.

Sea freight allows arranging the delivery of cargo to distant continents such as Australia. At the same time, the customer is guaranteed an optimal ratio of costs and delivery times.

As in any other form of transportation, there are a lot of nuances when transporting by sea. We thoroughly work out a scheme of interaction from possible options of delivery of cargo to the port of loading, customs clearance to local service in the country of destination. Our specialists choose the most optimal service depending on the specificity of the cargo, the route and customer’s priorities.

Every country is different. We always take into account the peculiarities of the country: cargo requirements for import or export, port congestion degree and much more, when preparing for a project. At the moment we have more than 210 partners all over the world, which allows to provide the exactly the service that our customers need «here and now»!

It’s stable with us.


Completed projects for the service Sea freight