Air transportation of caviar

Air transportation of caviar in 72 hours

Challenges: Timeline 72 hours
Value of cargo: 28,514.00 euros
Route: Moscow - Vladikavkaz
Diesel fuel samples road haulage

Transport diesel fuel samples

Route: Surgut - Moscow
Load: diesel fuel samples
Mode of transport: prefabricated delivery
Animals transportation

Delivering stray animals to the Baltic

Route: Saint Petersburg, RF - Vaalimaa, Finland
Cargo: Homeless animals
Mode of transport: road transport
Seeds by sea transport

Sea charter of seeds to Viet Nam

Documentary requirements: phytosanitary certificate
Package: 50 kg big bags
Route: MO warehouse - port of St. Petersburg, Russian Federation - Port of Haifon, Vietnam
Mink skins air transportation

Airlift of mink skins to Thailand

Route: Tver region - Sheremetyevo airport - Bangkok airport
Cargo: mink skins
Weight: 7500 kg
Drilling equipment to Montenegro

Delivered to Montenegro

Cargo: drilling equipment
Weight: 18 404 kg
Route: KMAA / YNAR - Moscow - Montenegro
sporting and hunting ammunition dangerous goods by air

Carriage of dangerous goods by air 1.4.S

Cargo: sporting and hunting ammunition (UN 0012)
Mode of transport: air
Route: a/p Moscow - a / p South Africa
Hazard cargo trinitrotolone

Maritime freight of trinitrotolone (hazard categor...

Maritime freight of trinitrotolone (hazard category 1.1D):
Customs Clearance food supplement

Receive Conformity Declaration

Load: Food supplement
Target date: 10 days
Cost of design: 33,500 rubles
Drilling equipment

Shipped to Las Vegas, USA

Challenges: Short delivery times
Transit period: 28 days
Package: Wrap. Download to Open Top
Sea freight car

Carriage of motor vehicles by sea to Africa

Route: Port of Saint Petersburg, RF - Congo, Central Africa
Goods: Toyota Car
Requirement: Preservation of the outer surface of the cargo
Urgent cargo transportation equipment

Transported for industry "Oil and Gas"

Route: Surgut - Moscow, Vnukovo - Tashkent
Cargo: Industry equipment " Oil and Gas"
Mode of transport: integrated delivery (road and air)