June, 2019

Transport Logistic fair in Munich

On June 4, 2019 Natalia Duka, Chief of the Projects Department, and Alexander Kulikov, VTN-Agency, JSC‘ Deputy General Director, have visited Transport Logistic exhibition in Munich. The focus of international Transport Logistic exhibition is on logistics, transport, IT and supply chain management. It’s one of the largest industry events in the world. Our colleagues met with potential partners, air- and road carriers. The exhibition site of GLN logistics association has also been visited as our company is one of the members of this association.
The same day in the evening our colleagues attended the reception hosted by Logistics Alliance Germany.

May, 2019

VTN-Agency, JSC corporation news

The meeting of the Board of directors of VTN-Agency, JSC was held on May 15, 2019. As a result of the meeting Mrs. Tatyana Avdeeva was elected as Chairman of the Board of directors.
This is not the first year for Tatyana Vladimirovna to hold this post and she has a good track record in administration. Mrs. T. Avdeeva has 19 years of business experience in VTN companies at a senior management level.

May, 2019

VTN activities under the Nord Stream – 2 project go ahead

VTN-Agency, JSC activities including logistics and customs clearance services are going ahead under the Nord Stream – 2 project.
In April, 2019 following the approval given by customs authorities, VTN-Agency, JSC completed customs formalities to import in the Russian Federation on temporary basis special equipment and specialized ships. It`s planned that equipment would be used in the process of building of coastal constructions and for pipes stacking. Ships are going to work in offshore area.
Ust-Luga port was regularly visited by our people  to make sure that all formalities are taken care of.

April, 2019

TransRussia 2019

The 24-th International Exhibition for Transport and Logistics Services and Technologies TransRussia 2019 took place in Moscow on April, 15-17, 2019.
TransRussia - the largest transport and logistics event in Russia. Over 20 years the exhibition serves as the biggest communication platform for people from logistics industry and as the easy to use tool to find reliable business partners and suppliers of services.
It`s a good tradition for us to visit the exhibition and participate in the event. VTN people try to never miss the opportunity to interact with logistics community, to share our plans and achievements, to learn more about the latest logistics trends going on domestically and worldwide.

March, 2019

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certificate

On February, 2019, RusPromGrupp, the certification body, has confirmed ISO Conformity Certificate granted to VTN-Agency, JSC. The decision on confirmation was taken on the basis of inspection of company’s quality management system and it confirms that the VTN-Agency’ quality management system complies with requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001:2015). VTN-Agency’ quality management system covers customs representative services, freight and forwarding services that company provides domestically and abroad to arrange for shipments of various export/ import goods.

February, 2019

Joining with GLN logistics association

From the very start of 2019 VTN-Agency, JSC became a member of GLN logistics association.  The association unites logistics and freight and forwarding companies from 310 cities across 125 countries with over 25,000 staff handling over 3 million shipments per year.
GLN is always developing member’s network cooperation along with focusing on their operational integrity and efficiency.
We’re looking forward to benefit from joining GLN as we believe it would be helpful for promotion of our services both on domestic and international markets.

December, 2018

Trade unionist day

The Trade unionist day was marked in St. Petersburg on November, 19, 2018 for the first time ever. More than one hundred years ago in 1905 this very day the Central bureau of the St. Petersburg labor unions has been formed to associate trade unions until then each acting separately. This was a milestone in the history of labor movement.
The festive event to celebrate the Trade unionist day was held in Maxim Gorky palace of culture. Heads of the Federation of Trade Unions of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, regional industry-specific trade unions, trade-union leaders and activists, rank-and-file members of trade unions took part in the event.
The speakers of the event included Alexander Beglov, acting governor of St. Petersburg, Vladimir Derbin, chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, Eugeny Makarov, vice-chairman of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia, Denis Chetyrbok, member of St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly, Alexander Turchak, president of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (Employers) of St. Petersburg, Alexander Zapesotsky, rector of St. Petersburg University of the Humanities and Social Sciences.
The official part of the evening was followed by a concert with folk music and dance groups of Maxim Gorky palace of culture and with Vasily Gerello, opera singer, People's artist of Russia.
In the festive event took part Sergey Kuznetsov, chairman of our primary trade union organization.

November, 2018

Activities on the Siemens project

In October, 2018 "VTN-Agency" JSC has finished a cycle of logistics and customs operations related to importation of Siemens gas turbine components into customs territory of the Russian Federation, gas turbine assembly and further shipping of gas turbine and set of combustion chambers abroad from the Russian Federation.
Works included a complex of services on customs registration, arranging of gas turbine railway transportation by unique rail car from Siemens plant nearby St. Petersburg to Bronka port,  coordination of transportation with Russian Railways (RZD), trucking of set of combustion chambers as oversized cargo and arranging of all the equipment loading aboard the vessel.

October, 2018

The welcome reception on the occasion of the Day of the German unity

On October, 2, 2018 the welcome reception on the occasion of the Day of the German unity took place at the Events hall in «Astoria» hotel in St. Petersburg. The event was held by the General consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany in St. Petersburg.
The welcome reception was attended by representatives of city and regional authorities, scientists, politicians, journalists and business people. Warm words and congratulations on the Day of the German unity were expressed by Dr. Eltje Aderhold, Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in St. Petersburg, Mr. Sergey Movchan, vice-governor of St. Petersburg, Mr. Vatanyar Yagya, authorized representative of Chairman of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly, Mr. Sergey Perminov, vice-governor of the Leningrad Region for domestic politics. Welcome addresses from Mr. Georgy Poltavchenko, the governor of St. Petersburg and Mr. Vyacheslav Makarov, the chairman of the St. Petersburg legislative assembly, were announced at the event.
Speakers marked the importance of reunification of Germany which was officially recognized on October, 3, 1990, welcomed the development of cooperation between St. Petersburg and Germany in various areas of science, technology, numerous areas of industry and trade.

October, 2018

Celebrating the feast day of Saints Faith, Hope, and Charity

September, 30 is the feast day of Saints Faith, Hope, and Charity and their Mother Sophia. Our congratulations to VTN people who celebrate their name-day!
Among others it’s the name-day of our two consummate professionals - Mrs Vera Vasiljeva, senior commodity expert, and Mrs. Nadezhda Osadnik, administrative manager.
We wish all persons celebrating their name day hearts full of love and tenderness and to live lives full of faith and hope!

September, 2018

Annual welcome reception of port Hamburg

Hamburg and St. Petersburg are cities that are always seeking to establish dialogue and cooperation. These two sister cities have strong and long-term ties in business, culture and social areas. Their seaports have successful business contacts for many years.
On September, 20, 2018 more than 250 representatives of the port and transport business from Hamburg and St. Petersburg met at the annual Hamburg Port Evening held by Port of Hamburg Marketing at restaurant «Le Vernisage» in «Ambassador» hotel.
Following the opening speech of Natalia Kapkajewa, Head of the Port of Hamburg Marketing Representative Office in St. Petersburg, the guests were addressed by Dr Torsten Sevecke, State Secretary of the Ministry for Economy, Transport, and Innovation of Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Mr. Sergey Movchan, vice-governor of St. Petersburg, and Mr. Ingo Egloff, Chief executive of the Port of Hamburg Marketing Executive Board.
Speakers noted the importance of the further development of the German-Russian economic relations especially in logistics and transportation. The event symbolically was taking place in the context of 50-years anniversary when at the rise of the era of containerization the first sea containers have been transshipped in Hamburg port. It is also important that the Port of Hamburg Marketing Representative Office in St. Petersburg marks the 15th anniversary this year. The event was attended by Mr. Dmitry Vasilyev who headed the Port of Hamburg Marketing Representative Office when it was opened in St. Petersburg in April, 2003.

September, 2018

Container block train with auto components for Hyundai plant in St.-Petersburg

At the end of August, 2018 «VTN-Agency», JSC carried out customs formalities for auto components arrived in St. Petersburg by container block train for Hyundai plant. Railway transportation was arranged by FESCO as part of its regular Vladivostok - St. Petersburg container train service. By comparison with overseas transportation which is  commonly used, multimodal transportation - from South Korea to the Russian Far East by sea, and then by rail via Vladivostok on the Trans-Siberian route and then further to St. Petersburg - offers to Hyundai plant in St. Petersburg an opportunity to save a lot of time and resources.
Customs formalities for auto parts carried in 64 containers of block train have been completed within several hours by approaching simplified customs clearance procedure in conformity with the Russian customs legislation and with use of modern customs technologies.
Arrival of the second container block train with auto components for Hyundai plant is expected to be at the end of the first week of September, 2018. So far VTN-Agency specialists are involved in preliminary works with a view that customs clearance of incoming goods to be completed without delays.
In future Hyundai is going to carry even more goods by rail thus bringing the number of container block trains up to four per week.
Development of Vladivostok - St. Petersburg railway transport corridor for cargo transportation including transportation from Asian - Pacific Region to Europe, contributes much to the transit capacity of the Russian Federation.

August, 2018

Welcome reception of Duisburg river harbor

Welcome reception took place on August, 29, 2018 in the Renaissance St Petersburg Baltic Hotel on the occasion of Duisburg river harbor’s officials visiting St. Petersburg. Duisburg team included port`s top management, delegation of clients` advisory council, representatives of companies providing transport and logistics services, and others.
Development of cooperation between Duisburg river harbor and St. Petersburg in sea, river, and railway transportation as well as in logistics services was the main theme of the event.
Official part of the reception was opened by Mrs Alexandra Bahmutskaya, Director of St. Petersburg State Public Establishment «Agency of interurban transport».
Mr. Erich Staake, General Director and President of Duisburg river harbor gave in his speech an overview of history, achievements, current situation, and also future of the largest European inner harbor. Duisburg river harbor has been founded more than one hundred years ago and nowadays its area exceeds two million sq. m. Cargo turnover in 2017 - 130 million ton, 4.1 million TEUs.
Duisburg is also a large cargo railway junction in Europe offering the opportunity to reach every significant industrial region. The river harbor actively promotes ties with the East Europe, Russia, and China. With China it has regular railway connection and rail traffic is increasingly growing as more and more customers attracted by tariffs and terms are seeking railway services to deliver their goods from Southeast Asia.

July, 2018

Works relating to Nord Stream – 2 project

Nord Stream - 2 is a new export gas pipeline to be extended from Russia to European countries across the Baltic Sea. The gas pipeline is expected to link Russia directly with the European consumers, thus providing high reliability in the Russian natural gas supplies to Europe. The gas pipeline with the length of more than 1200 km will extend across the bed of the Baltic Sea up to Germany soil. Two gas pipeline strings will have total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year. Period of construction - from 2018 to 2020.
VTN-Agency, JSC as one of subcontractors of Russian Dredging and Marine Contractors, LLC which is the contractor of Nord Stream 2 AG, provides under project logistics and customs services, including services of customs representative (broker).
In June, 2018 VTN-Agency has provided customs and logistics services relating to shipment of metal elements of trench linings being imported into the Russian Federation. Trench linings would be used in the process of building of coastal constructions and for pipes stacking. Shipments of this kind are expected to arrive on regular basis in coming months. Importation of building machinery for coastal work and specialized ships for work in offshore area will start in the near future.
It`s honorable and responsible mission for VTN-Agency to take part in Nord Stream - 2 project. Company is keen to react promptly and professionally to various inquiries under the project by offering best logistics solutions and providing high-quality services.

May, 2018

Start of manufacturing of new Toyota Camry and 10-years anniversary of Toyota plant in St. Petersburg

A solemn ceremony marking start of manufacturing of the next generation Toyota Camry and 10-years anniversary of Toyota plant in St. Petersburg took place at the plant on May, 25, 2018.
Mr. Masanori Fukushima, Consul General of Japan in St. Petersburg, Mr. Sergey Movchan, vice-governor of St. Petersburg, heads of committees of the City Administration,  representatives of city authorities, and Toyota management and suppliers took part in the event.
The plant has undergone renovations and modernization on a large scale with a view of next generation Toyota Camry manufacturing to be successful.
"VTN-Agency" JSC was in cooperation with Toyota for more than ten years. In 2006 - 2007 during plant construction and importation of technological equipment we have been providing logistics and customs brokerage services, including Classification decisions of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation. From then to the present day we’ve been providing logistics and customs brokerage services related to equipment and spare parts to support operating plant activities and as part of efforts under the projects for expansion and modernization of manufacturing lines.
We consider the invitation of our employees to attend the solemn ceremony that was held on May, 25, 2018, as recognition of our contribution to success and achievements of Toyota in St. Petersburg.

April, 2018

Activists of our primary trade union organization have been awarded commemorative Jubilee tokens «100 years of the Trade union of workers of state-run organizations of the Russian Federation»

«100 years of the Trade union of workers of state-run organizations of the Russian Federation» commemorative Jubilee tokens award ceremony was held on April, 19, 2018 to honor Mr. Alexander Busko, General Director of «Petersburg-Vneshtrans» JSC and Mrs. Tatiana Avdeeva, Deputy General Director of «Petersburg-Vneshtrans» JSC.
The Jubilee token «100 years of the Trade union of workers of state-run organizations of the Russian Federation» was established to award: trade-union workers, trade union activists and veterans who’re making a personal contribution to achievement of statutory goals and to enhancing the credibility of the trade union among workforce; directors of institutions and corporate CEOs who are actively engaging with trade union organizations in implementation of social partnership principles, and persons who’re assisting trade union organizations in achievement of statutory goals.
Mr. Alexander Busko and Mrs. Tatiana Avdeeva are active trade union members, veterans of trade-union movement with track record since 1972 and 1996 respectively. These high-profile awards recognize their personal contribution to achievement of objectives of trade union movement, enhancing the credibility of the trade union among workforce, putting into practice social partnership principles.
Starting from the date of company’s formation in 1935 our primary trade union organization on a regular basis has become part of «the Trade union of public servants» established in 1918.

January, 2018

Labour safety practice to be properly used, can never be forgotten or abused

Mrs. Mila Selesen, lead labour safety and civil defense specialist of Petersburg-Vneshtrans, has marked her 75-th Birthday this month!

Mrs. Selesen works for the company for more than forty five years. Under her supervision Vneshtrans` employees acquire competence in labour safety arrangements and precautions. As a rule scheduled instructions are followed by practical training in the use of fire protection equipment, individual protective gears and collective protective means.

Mila is cheerful and kind-hearted person, reliable friend and co-worker, colleagues say.

On the occasion of her jubilee Mrs. Selesen was awarded honorary certificate for active and dedicated work.

We say “happy birthday” and wish good health, prosperity, and every success in her future endeavors.

December, 2017

People make all the difference!

Sergey Kuznetsov, the chief engineer of “Petersburg-Vneshtrans” JSC, has celebrated his 55th birthday!

Mr. Kuznetsov works for the company for more than three decades. After coming to company fresh from school he obtained qualification and reached position of chief engineer proved to be highly professional expert.

From year 2000 Mr. Kusnetsov is permanent chairman of Petersburg-Vneshtrans primary trade union organization.

We congratulate Sergey on this occasion and wish him energy and success in protecting rights of workers!

October, 2017

«Arms and Hunting 2017» Moscow international exhibition

14-th international exhibition «Arms and Hunting - 2017», the largest hunting and guns show in Moscow, was held in Russian capital in October, 2017. The event annually gathers together foreign and domestic manufacturers, distributors and dealers of hunting and sporting guns, cartridges and hunting equipment.

Traditionally, representatives of VTN companies attend the event to meet with our partners as well as with other participants of the exhibition and to learn more about latest tendencies of this specialized segment of the market.

Business negotiations with a number of participants of the exhibition have confirmed plans of cooperation with our partners for the near future and for the next year and have revealed an interest of new potential customers in customs and logistics services provided by VTN to support customers foreign trade activities.