January, 2018

Labour safety practice to be properly used, can never be forgotten or abused

Mrs. Mila Selesen, lead labour safety and civil defense specialist of Petersburg-Vneshtrans, has marked her 75-th Birthday this month!

Mrs. Selesen works for the company for more than forty five years. Under her supervision Vneshtrans` employees acquire competence in labour safety arrangements and precautions. As a rule scheduled instructions are followed by practical training in the use of fire protection equipment, individual protective gears and collective protective means.

Mila is cheerful and kind-hearted person, reliable friend and co-worker, colleagues say.

On the occasion of her jubilee Mrs. Selesen was awarded honorary certificate for active and dedicated work.

We say “happy birthday” and wish good health, prosperity, and every success in her future endeavors.

December, 2017

People make all the difference!

Sergey Kuznetsov, the chief engineer of “Petersburg-Vneshtrans” JSC, has celebrated his 55th birthday!

Mr. Kuznetsov works for the company for more than three decades. After coming to company fresh from school he obtained qualification and reached position of chief engineer proved to be highly professional expert.

From year 2000 Mr. Kusnetsov is permanent chairman of Petersburg-Vneshtrans primary trade union organization.

We congratulate Sergey on this occasion and wish him energy and success in protecting rights of workers!

November, 2017

Restructuring of the VTN-Agency, JSC activities

VTN-Agency, JSC is focused on providing comprehensive transport and customs logistics services including all related operations. Organization chart, structure and specialization of functional units of the company are optimized with a view to complete satisfaction of customers’ needs taking into account the latest market changes, the Russian Federation legislative changes and other external factors.

Accordingly company's functional profiles have been restructured and optimized in order to improve quality and efficiency of provided services, to promote competitiveness in the current circumstances and to mitigate the risks.

In particular, VTN-Agency, LLC company was established having VTN-Agency, JSC as its only founder. Functions of complex freight forwarding services operator have been transferred to the newly constituted company with subsequent customs representative status obtaining after the parent company license period of validity expiration.

VTN-Agency, JSC activities will be continuously evolving and later on will be limited to assets management.

At present all necessary organizational arrangements and legal actions providing continuity and legitimacy have been carried out.

VTN-Agency, LLC company is led by Mr. Alexander Kulikov - recognized professional with long and successful experience in providing of customs and logistics services within the framework of large investment projects, export and import contracts.

October, 2017

«Arms and Hunting 2017» Moscow international exhibition

14-th international exhibition «Arms and Hunting - 2017», the largest hunting and guns show in Moscow, was held in Russian capital in October, 2017. The event annually gathers together foreign and domestic manufacturers, distributors and dealers of hunting and sporting guns, cartridges and hunting equipment.

Traditionally, representatives of VTN companies attend the event to meet with our partners as well as with other participants of the exhibition and to learn more about latest tendencies of this specialized segment of the market.

Business negotiations with a number of participants of the exhibition have confirmed plans of cooperation with our partners for the near future and for the next year and have revealed an interest of new potential customers in customs and logistics services provided by VTN to support customers foreign trade activities.

October, 2017

Shipping of Siemens power generating equipment

From November, 2016 to September, 2017, VTN-Agency has carried out a series of logistics and customs operations required for gas turbine assembly and shipping it out of the Russian Federation.

The package of services included:

- Obtaining a permit for the goods inward processing procedure in the Russian Federation;

- Gas turbine components importation and customs clearance;

- Temporary importation of supporting structures used for transportation and tracking sensors;

- Re-export Customs formalities;

- Completion of the goods inward processing procedure.

September 21, 2017

Hamburg port reception in St. Petersburg

On September, 21, 2017 more than two hundred representatives of the port and transport industry from Hamburg and St. Petersburg have taken part in solemn reception held in St. Petersburg by Port of Hamburg Marketing. The reception was hosted by Mr. Ingo Egloff, Chief executive of the Port of Hamburg Marketing Executive Board and Mrs. Natalia Kapkajewa, Head of the Port of Hamburg Marketing Representative Office in St. Petersburg.

This year’s reception was held at a time when Hamburg and St. Petersburg mark 60 years anniversary since they started twin-towns relations. It was not surprising that issues surrounding this jubilee and prospects of further development between two towns became the main topics of the event.

Hamburg port reception has given a fine opportunity to participants for mutual dialogue. The event has shown striving of business community from Germany and Russia for expansion of cooperation and development of inter-regional relations.

Our people from WTN Spedition GmbH and VTN-Agency took part in the event.

Welcome speech of Dr. Rolf Boesinger, State Counsellor of Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport and Innovation of Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

August, 2017

Cooperation with the Russian Export Center

VTN-Agency is developing cooperation with Russian Export Center (REC).

The Russian Export Center ( provides comprehensive and targeted support to exporters and the companies engaged in international trade. VTN-Agency has obtained accreditation from the Center as company with required expertise in international economic activities and with the ability to provide clients of the Center with the expert support.

REC' Partner program that VTN-Agency participates in, is the convenient and useful tool both for exporters, and for REC' partners who are experts in logistics and customs.

June, 2017

VTN-Agency company`s corporate news

The meeting of the Board of directors of VTN-Agency was held on June 16, 2017. As a result of the meeting Mrs. Tatyana Avdeeva was elected as Chairman of Board of directors.

Mrs. T. Avdeeva has over 10 years of business experience in VTN companies at a senior management level.


May, 2017

TransRussia 2017, Breakbulk Russia 2017 events. “Logistics Solutions made in Germany” Round Table Discussion

TransRussia 2017, 22-nd international exhibition on freight, transportation and logistics has taken place in Moscow from April 18th to 20th, 2017.

TransRussia is the largest business event for transport and logistics services, technologies and machinery held in Russia. The exhibition annually attracts cargo carriage and freight forwarding specialists, railroad/ seaports/ cargo terminals operators, customs representatives, manufacturers of cargo carrying vehicles and cargo handling equipment, IT experts.

Visiting the exhibition and participating in the event became a good tradition for people from VTN companies. We enjoy the opportunity to interact with logistics community, to get acquainted with the latest trends in logistics, to share our achievements and plans.

Along with TransRussia 2017 event in Moscow there were held Breakbulk Russia 2017 exhibition for project, over-sized and heavy-weighed cargoes and the round table discussion “Logistics Solutions made in Germany”. The round table discussion was organized by Logistics Alliance Germany, the association including a number of the German logistics companies. VTN representatives took part in these events.

April, 2017

XIV Germany Week in Saint Petersburg

On April 5, in Saint Petersburg was held the solemn opening of XIV Germany Week.

The slogan of the Week of Germany 2017 - «the Gateway to the world» - inspires participants to develop dialogue and establish connections between German and Russian partners to create a solid ground for mutual teamwork to respond to the challenges of our time. The program of the Week includes range of educational, economic and cultural activities with a view to enhance and expand perspectives of cooperation between Saint Petersburg and cities and states of Germany.

This Week’s events are taking place in the context of 60-years anniversary of establishing partner relations between sister cities St. Petersburg and Hamburg.

Dr. Eltje Aderhold, Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in St. Petersburg, Mr. Olaf Scholz, First Mayor of Hamburg, Mr. Konstantin Sukhenko, Chairman of the Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg City Administration, Mr. Vatanyar Yagya, authorized representative of Chairman of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly, and other officials delivered speeches at the opening ceremony.

By the invitation of Dr. Christian Altmann, Director of the Northwest branch of the Russian - German Chamber of Commerce, representatives of WTN Spedition GmbH attended solemn opening ceremony and took part in Week’s events.

March, 2017

Shipping of Siemens power generating equipment

In January - February, 2017, VTN-Agency has carried out a series of operations required for successful realization of the contract on gas turbine assembly and turbine transportation to Germany. Gas turbine was manufactured by Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies, one of the Siemens enterprises in Russia.

The package of services, among other, included:

- Obtaining a permit for the goods inward processing procedure in the Russian Federation,

- Chamber of commerce and industry expert findings on components,

- Gas turbine components importation and customs clearance,

- Customs clearance of wastes,

- Certificate of origin for compensating products,

- Customs formalities for the gas turbine re-export and

- Completion of the goods inward processing procedure by gas turbine shipping.

January, 2017

Commemorative token from Baltic Mercur

Over a span of two decades VTN companies have been successfully cooperating with Baltic Merkur, the agent of Atlantic Ro-Ro Carriers shipping line. Baltic Mercur offers a wide range of services in sea shipments as well as in cargo forwarding. On the occasion of 20-years company anniversary special commemorative tokens were released to be presented to most reliable partners of the company. It is a great pleasure that our work has been highly appreciated by our colleagues from Baltic Mercur.

December, 2016

Membership in Self-regulated organization «National association of customs representatives»

In October, 2016 marked one year since the official registration of the Association Self-regulated organization «National association of customs representatives» (SRO «NACR»). VTN-Agency was actively involved in formation of the Association and joined the Association as one of its members.

SRO «NACR» initiatives are aimed at the development of the conception of branch` self-regulation in customs representatives business. The Association is seeking to implement professional standards and rules in business of customs representatives to improve quality of their works and services. The Association develops legislative initiatives to lower administrative barriers and to improve customs legislation.

Association activities are supported by number of officials and official bodies, including administration of St.-Petersburg, customs authorities, chambers of commerce and industry, Agency of strategic initiatives.

Representatives of Association are now included in public council at North-Western transport prosecutor`s office and in the expert advisory council at North-Western Customs Administration.


October, 5, 2016

Consulate General of Germany in St. Petersburg reception on the occasion of Day of German unity

On October, 5, 2016 the grand reception in Astoria hotel was held by Consulate General of Germany on the occasion of Day of German unity: it’s been 26 years since the date of falling of the Berlin wall.

Speech of Dr. Eltje Aderhold, Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in St. Petersburg, recently entered in a post, was interesting and informative. The speech dealt with issues of close ties between Germany and North-Western Region of the Russian Federation: there are more than seven hundred companies in the region with German participation, a lot of high school students are studying German language, cooperation in science and student's exchange are developing, the German culture events are taking place, and ties between twin-cities are maintained. Dr. Aderhold noted that Germans and Russian are willing to learn better each other and cooperate, and she, in turn, is ready to help in this cooperation.

Reception was held in very cordial atmosphere. Among guests were vice-governors of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, representatives of Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, figures from Academia, artists and businessmen. Representatives of WTN Spedition GmbH were among invited guests.

Dr. Eltje Aderhold, Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in St. Petersburg and Mrs. Tatiana Avdeeva, General Director of WTN Spedition GmbH

October, 2016

Delivery of the equipment to Toyota plant in Russia

In September, 2016 "VTN-Agency" has successfully provided package of customs and logistics services to deliver injection molding machine for plastic molded parts’ shop of Toyota plant in Russia (LLC “Toyota Motor” branch in St. Petersburg). Supply of the equipment occurred as part of efforts for production modernization and plant capacity expansion project. The shipment included oversized and heavy pieces.

September 22, 2016

Hamburg Port reception in St. Petersburg

On September, 22, 2016 numerous representatives of the port and transport industry from Hamburg and St. Petersburg have gathered for the traditional reception which annually held by the Port of Hamburg Marketing Representative Office in St. Petersburg. The start of partnership between twin cities - Hamburg and St. Petersburg - goes back to 1957. Now joint projects between two cities are successfully implemented in variety of areas including economy and culture. As usual Hamburg Port reception gives a great opportunity to develop a dialogue between participants of transport and port businesses.


A business dinner associated with visiting St. Petersburg by Mr. Andreas Rieckhof, State Counsellor of Ministry of Economy, Transport and Innovation of Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg took place just a few hours before the beginning of the Hamburg Port solemn reception. Among the dinner guests were Mr. Sergey Movchan, vice-governor of St. Petersburg, Dr. Stefan Kordasch, Deputy Consul General of Federal Republic of Germany in St. Petersburg, Mr. Ingo Egloff, Chief executive of Port of Hamburg Marketing (HHM) Executive Board, Dr. Gabriele Koetschau, Head of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce representation in St. Petersburg, Mrs. Natalia Kapkajewa, Head of the Port of Hamburg Marketing (HHM) Representative Office in St. Petersburg, and representatives of business community of St. Petersburg. Useful and interesting exchange of opinions on the current economic cooperation between Germany and the Russian Federation, between enterprises from Hamburg and St. Petersburg took place during the business dinner. It was held in very friendly atmosphere.


Our people from WTN Spedition GmbH and VTN-Agency companies took part in both events.

September, 2016

The admission to membership of Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce (FRCC)

In August, 2016 "VTN-Agency" became a member of the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce.

FRCC mission is to promoting economic relations between Finland and the Russian Federation and enhancing business activity and competitiveness of FRCC members. We believe that cooperation with the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce, the leading expert in the Finnish-Russian trade relations, would be helpful for growth of our business activity and prospects for promotion of our services on internal and global markets.

And it is great, that the admission to membership of Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce (FRCC) took place in the year when the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce marks 70 years anniversary.

September, 2016

STP Freight Cup 2016 in-house soccer championship

Some staff members of VTN companies have taken part in STP Freight Cup 2016 in-house soccer championship. By the championship’s results Yury Laschevskiy, the Chief of the Customs clearance Department and one of the member of our soccer team, was included in the list of the best value rating players of the tournament. In addition Yury took the second place in the best goalkeepers ranking!

Our congratulations to our colleague, Yury Laschevskiy, and to all the members of the Vneshtrans team on sporting achievements!



August, 2016

Shipment of Siemens power generating equipment

In August of 2016 VTN-Agency has started shipping of Siemens power generating equipment from St.-Petersburg to the final consignee in the Russian Federation. Operations started after development of logistics pattern of delivery and completion of customs formalities. Earlier this year several lots of the equipment have been imported into the Russian Federation in view of their further consolidation and delivery to the destination point under established schedule.

Equipment shipped in August included large-sized and heavy-weight pieces.