Our company carries out the trucking of of goods, taking into account the needs of the market and the territorial characteristics of the country.

We deliver goods by road throughout Russia, including the "hinterland", fields, hard-to-reach and remote areas of Siberia and the Far East.

We transport goods from 1 kg to 150 tons.

Advantages of road transport in Russia with VTN

  • Various categories of cargo ("live" cargo, food, equipment and spare parts, medical supplies, etc.).
  • Variety of delivery depending on priorities: a separate car, haulage as groupage cargo, additional cargo, with transshipment.
  • Any types of transport: open board, closed or tilt-covered, gazelle, manipulators, truck cranes.
  • Delivery of 20- and 40-foot containers to / from the seaports of St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok and other ports of the Russian Federation.
  • Specialized vehicles: dump trucks, refrigerators, ballast-type and saddle tractors, container chassis, car transporters  etc.
  • Regular and special routes: Moscow-St. Petersburg; Smolensk-Sochi, Surgut-Yakutia, etc.
  • Mobility: the ability to adjust the route, loading / unloading address during transportation.
  • Efficiency – the delivery of a motor vehicle for loading on the day of request.

Service stages

  • Coordination of the date and time of picking up the cargo
  • Address pick up of cargo
  • Haulage
  • Delivery of goods to the address of the Consignee
  • Notice of arrival of goods for customer (SMS, telephone notice, e-mail)

Special offers

  • Euro Trailer   –   from 60 rub/ km

  • Container Chassis –   from 71 rub/ km

  • Groupage haulage –   from 55 rub / km

  • Haulage as additional cargo –   from 51 rub/ km

Head of Intra-Russian Road Transport

Anna Pimenova


Trucking is a science. It is important not just to deliver cargo from point A to point B. It is necessary to work out and arrange the optimal delivery scheme, depending on the specifics of the cargo, the delivery area and customer’s priorities.

Somewhere to deliver for loading side-loaded vehicles, somewhere to use two drivers to optimize delivery times or to engage specialized vehicles.

We deliver cargo throughout Russia. Each region has its own specifics. When preparing a project, we always take into account the availability of road surfaces, their quality, their congestion degree, the requirements of local authorities and much more. And, of course, the needs of the customer!

Many find it difficult to offer an optimal service because of the lack of diversity in the modes of transport. We use all possible modes of transport for the delivery of goods by road: trailers and semi-trailers, container сhassis, tractors, GAZelle vehicles etc.

Road transport is more mobile than other modes of transport. For example, there is a clear flight schedule for air travel; for sea freight, there is a ship departure schedule. Our company is ready to deliver a truck for loading at any time and weekday convenient for you. It is possible to adjust the loading or unloading date, the route.

It is convenient to do business with us.


Completed projects on the Russian Federation road haulage service