VTN has been the official Customs representative since 1992.

We carry out customs clearance of all types of customs procedures with minimal time and financial costs for FEA participants in accordance with the EEU Customs Code.

Service rendered

  • Customs clearance of goods for all customs procedures: import, export, transit, temporary importation, temporary exportation, re-importation and re-exportation, outward/ inward processing  etc.
  • Consulting the Company’s Customers on Foreign Economic Activities
  • Checking and preparing package of documents for customs clearance
  • HS code selection
  • Calculation of Customs payments
  • Representation of interests of company's customers in the course of customs control (inspection, examination).

Supplementary services

  • Assistance in obtaining permits
  • Legal support in relations with customs authorities
  • Representation of customer's interests during customs operations with goods transported using ATA carnets.
  • Veterinary, sanitary-quarantine and phytosanitary control.
  • Preparation of set of documents and obtaining Preliminary Classification Decisions.
  • Preparation of a set of documents and obtaining decisions on the classification of goods transported with the specifics set out in Article 117 of the Customs Code of the Eurasian Economic Union.
  • Customs warehouse
  • Duty-free trade
  • Destruction of foreign goods under customs control
  • Waiver in favour of the State
  • Free Customs Zone
  • Duty-free stock house
  • Special Customs Procedure
  • Veterinary, quarantine and phytosanitary controls
  • Certification of goods

Costs for customs declaration services

Not an offer.

According to Federal Law No. 289-FZ of 08/03/2018 “On customs regulation in the Russian Federation and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation"  JSC "VTN-Agency" provides information on the tariffs for customs declaration services rendered as Customs representative:

Customs declaration - starting from 8300.00 RUB / per 1 Customs declaration.

The actual cost of services depends on many factors, including:
- type of customs procedure
- status of declarant and used simplifications
- product nomenclature
- quantity of goods and articles in Customs declaration
- quantity of vehicles / containers / packages in customs declaration
- region / location of goods
- etc.

The cost of the services can be optimized taking into account:

- the actual volume and structure of the cargo flow
- the way and format of the provision of documents, etc.

VAT is not included if applicable in accordance with current legislation.

Special offers

Import Customs clearance -   from 8300 rubles per consignment
Export maintenance in Sheremetyevo - for 1 day
Preparation of documentation -   4 hours

Head of customs clearance department

Alexander Sokolov

The Customs clearance procedure itself is quite demanding. The timing of clearance and the quality of the service provided have an impact on the cost of goods, on our customers' reputation with their business partners and also on our company's reputation. That is why our experts study every project right down to the last detail. Even if we are talking about inline projects. Every shipment has its own nuances and special features.

Our customs clearance team has over 10 years of successful experience in customs. We have accumulated knowledge from various sectors and branches of economy, as you have to study each consignment in detail in order to work out the correct HS code, inform you about duties, taxes and permits when importing or exporting.

There is experience in dealing with urgent requests. Recently there has been an increase in the number of cases of cargo arriving at a customs post without prior processing. In such cases, we promptly examine the cargo information and documents supplied. If necessary we recommend to the customer to make corrections, we help to pay fees and taxes (if the client first deals with FEA), we give advice at each stage of the process. All for the benefit of the business of our customers and the Russian economy.

Inline projects also require constant monitoring. Projects are like a 'living organism': batch configuration, country of origin, route and mode of transport - all change. We are constantly monitoring changes in the customs legislation of our country and the Eurasian Economic Union.

It's safe with us.


Implemented projects in the Customs clearance service