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License of Customs representative (broker)

Customs Brokerage

VTN expertise in customs brokerage services is based on skilled personnel having a clear understanding of customs legislation and hands-on experience in its implementation in practice. We are able to offer wide array of professional customs services and customs consultancy services.

VTN-Agency, JSC is a licensed customs representative (broker) and every customer of VTN companies may benefit from it.

Complete package of VTN customs and logistics services is committed to bring businesses of our customers to a new level. We’re continuously seeking to reduce costs and increase business productivity of our clients.

Scope of services and main advantages:

  • Licensed Customs representative (broker) services
  • Customs clearance services at every Customs office in St. Petersburg
  • Comprehensive customs clearance services to support the ability of customers to engage successfully in international business activities. Customs formalities with reference to a variety of customs regimes including import/export, temporary importation/exportation, re-import/re-export, processing in the customs territory/outside the customs territory.
    Professional assessment of external transaction
  • Examination of papers submitted for customs purposes
  • Customs planning tailored to unique customer’s needs. Risks assessment pertaining to international trade transaction
  • Comprehensive customs and legal services related to project cargoes and investment projects
  • Customs authorities of the Russian Federation advance ruling for tariff classification. Federal Customs Service (FCS) of the Russian Federation and Regional Customs Administration classification decisions on single HS codes (harmonized system codes)
  • Customs clearance services related to importation of fixed capital assets as in-kind contribution to the Company’s Charter Capital
  • Special procedure of goods declaration
  • Certification services. Examination of technical documentation submitted for customs purposes with regards to compliance with certification requirements
  • Customs compliance audit. Expert advice on minimizing customs costs
  • Customs consultancy services. Consultancy support over international trade transaction’ all life cycle phases


Costs for customs declaration services

Not an offer.

According to Federal Law No. 289-FZ of 08/03/2018 “On customs regulation in the Russian Federation and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation"  JSC "VTN-Agency" provides information on the tariffs for customs declaration services rendered as Customs representative:

Customs declaration - starting from 9000.00 RUB / per 1 Customs declaration.

The actual cost of services depends on many factors, including:
- type of customs procedure
- status of declarant and used simplifications
- product nomenclature
- quantity of goods and articles in Customs declaration
- quantity of vehicles / containers / packages in customs declaration
- region / location of goods
- etc.

The cost of the services can be optimized taking into account:

- the actual volume and structure of the cargo flow
- the way and format of the provision of documents, etc.

VAT is not included if applicable in accordance with current legislation.