Air transportation is one of the fastest and most reliable ways of delivering your cargo, especially if it comes to specialized categories of cargo (perishable, with declared temperature regime) or goods that need to be delivered to remote areas, where it is impossible to deliver by other modes of transport.

Advantages of Air Transportation with VTN

  • Minimum delivery time is from 1 day
  • Wide geography - more than 193 countries
  • Different cargo categories
  • Delivery to hard-to-reach and remote locations
  • Helicopter and charter air transportation
  • Delivery variability - «door-to-door» or «airport- airport»
  • Online monitoring of cargo in transit
  • Efficiency - delivery of cargo for the flight 4 hours before departure
  • Flights are year-round and round-the-clock

Service stages

  • Coordination of the date and time of picking up the cargo
  • Address pick up of cargo and delivery of cargo to the airport of departure
  • Customs  registration of goods
  • Preparation for air transportation: packaging and labeling of cargo
  • Loading and unloading operations at the warehouse
  • Air waybills and terminal charges
  • Carriage of goods
  • Arrival of cargo at the airport of destination
  • Loading and unloading operations  of cargo
  • Terminal cargo handling
  • Customer alerts on arrival of goods (SMS, telephone alerts)
  • Cargo delivery to the consignee’s address or its release at the terminal warehouse 

Supplementary services

  • Delivery according to address (door-to-door)
  • Customs clearance/export formalities
  • Cargo storage
  • Cargo insurance
  • Packaging
  • “Courier On Board” Service
  • Negotiations with foreign partners
  • Paperwork 

Special offers


Moscow- Thailand   –   1,8 $ / kg
China - Moscow   –   1,9 $ / kg
Moscow - New York–   2,7 $ / kg
Moscow - Tashkent   –   2,3 $ / kg
Moscow - Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk –   93 RUR / kg


Airline manager sales

Elena Poleonova

Nowadays time is the most important and expensive resource. And speed is the main advantage of air transportation.

The airport is a transit link between the shipper and the consignee. A significant part of goods passes through Russia in transit.

More than 1,000 tons of various products can be daily processed by one airport. And there are just over 8,000 airports in the world, more than 50 per cent of which accept cargo.

Our company delivers different categories of cargo by air. Primarily, the most expensive goods and goods requiring urgent delivery. These include perishable products, valuable and expensive goods (jewellery, antiques, electronics etc.), pharmaceuticals, industrial equipment, components - for example, for the automobile industry.

In some cases, air delivery is the main way of transporting the products for our customers. Thus, more than 80 per cent of all cut flowers, about 70 per cent of semiconductor chips and more than 60 per cent of high-value electronics are transported by air. And in some of them, it’s the only possible way to deliver. For instance, the regions of the Far North and Siberia, where we use helicopter or charter flights.

Along with regular linear air transportation, the segment of transportation of non-standard as well as unique large-sized and heavy cargoes by charter flights on ramp planes and helicopters has been growing at a fairly rapid pace recent years.

Detailed options significantly reduce costs and time-frames for the implementation of the relevant project.

We are actively working both on the main air routes: Western Europe, Asia, the Far East and the United States, as well as on unique routes.

Air transportation never stands still, the segment is  constantly developing. New airports are being opened, new trends and development paths are emerging.

We “keep pace with the times” and are always ready for new tasks and projects.


Completed projects on Air transportation service